Do You Need a Commercial Roofing Replacement?

Gre Ater Houston Roofing published a video called “Basic Commercial Installation With TPO.” Dale, a Commercial Roofing Specialist, hosted this production.

First, Dale stands on top of a commercial roof.

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Then, he points out the leaks he found in several spaces. When viewers see this, they will see how worn the rooftop is. Then, they will notice that Dale takes pride in his team’s ability to stay organized on the job. As the team prepares to start work, Dale explains the steps for replacing the roof. He shows his viewers what type of roof will be installed on this commercial building too. Before doing that, however, he continues to make note of the damage.

Sometimes, the sun beats down on an old roof. Then, it melts that surface, which causes many of the rooftop leaks. As Dale shows his viewers what’s wrong with the old roofing, he also mentions the possibility of catching problems before an entire roof needs replacement.

The rest of the video details the advantages of TPO commercial roofing. TPO stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin. TPO is a single-ply material usually added to a bonding adhesive. Dale’s team fastens it with durable hardware to the baseboards already applied to the roof.

Is it Time for a Replacement?

If your commercial roof is sagging, drooping, falling apart, or otherwise looking unhealthy or unstable, it’s time to call in the pros from a commercial roofing company.

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