How an Asphalt Roofing Company Installs Your Shingles

According to the video, an asphalt roofing company uses a few steps to get the shingles installed on your home. The first part of this is to install the drip edge. This is done so that any water and debris don’t get onto the walls of the home.

Video Source

This keeps the water from getting into the drip edge. The felt is installed next. They will start from the bottom and work their way up. This is done to add another layer of protection to the roof. Plastic caps are also distributed to keep the felt in place.

The next step is to install the starter strip. They are installed further than the drip edge so that it enables water and wind protection. This keeps the water flowing and away from the rest of the home. You don’t want it to share the same water line as the shingles. Once this is done, the asphalt roofing company can install the shingles on the roof. Shingles are layered for protection, and they are put down to ensure this layering pattern continues. This is done to protect the roof, make sure the roof lasts its estimated lifetime, and reduce the amount of water damage to the home.


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