How to Do Water Leak Detection at Home

In The YouTube tutorial titled “How To Do Water Leak Detection Like A Plumbing Pro,” the plumber expertly guides viewers through the initial steps of water leak detection. This is important to help prevent water damage. The process begins with the attachment of a gauge to the hose bib to measure the city water pressure accurately.

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Following this, the plumber proceeds to the water meter, capturing a reference image before turning it off.

After a patient wait of 15 minutes, the plumber diligently checks for any drop in water pressure, a key indicator of a potential leak in the system. In the specific case presented, there was a noticeable loss of 10 pounds within approximately 16 minutes, decisively confirming the presence of a leak.

As part of practical advice, the plumber suggests that effective communication between the buyer and seller is crucial at this stage. It becomes imperative to establish a dialogue to determine and agree upon the party responsible for addressing and resolving the identified leak issue. This insightful tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of the initial steps in water leak detection, empowering viewers with the knowledge to identify and address such plumbing concerns with confidence.

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