Your Basic AC Repair Guide on Refrigerant

In the YouTube video “HVAC Training Basics for New Technicians and Students! Refrigeration Cycle!”, fundamental concepts of the refrigeration cycle are elucidated through a PowerPoint presentation aimed at new students. The cycle is visually represented with two red-colored sides denoting high-pressure, high-temperature, and one blue-colored side indicating low-pressure, low-temperature. The compressor and metering device are highlighted as components that separate these two sides, with the compressor increasing the refrigerant’s pressure to elevate temperature, and the metering device decreasing pressure to lower temperature.

The video further outlines the journey of the refrigerant in the cycle, emphasizing its role in absorbing heat energy from the indoor coil and rejecting heat at the condenser coil. The manipulation of refrigerant involves air being blown across the condenser and evaporator coils to facilitate heat absorption and release.

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The importance of preventing water vapor from mixing with refrigerant oil is stressed, and pressure readings are discussed in relation to filter dryers.

Shifting focus, the video delves into the practical implications of the refrigeration cycle for air conditioning systems. It explains the potential repercussions of a malfunctioning indoor blower motor, emphasizing its impact on the refrigerant’s ability to absorb heat at the indoor coil and the subsequent risk of damaging the compressor and why AC repair is important.


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