How Roofers Find Leaks

When water is getting into a home, it can be hard to locate where the leak is. It can happen from any point between a roof install and the end of a roof’s lifespan. In this video, a professional roofer explains how to find leaks and what to do to get them repaired.

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As explained by the presenter, the first thing to do is to look and feel for spots that are wet on the roof. Water will run down from up high, so tracing wet spots as high as they go can help narrow the leaking area. One thing that can cause leaks is when a nail pops out and pokes through the shingle, creating a hole. This is an easy visual indication of where a roof could be leaking. Other times, perhaps there was a problem with the original roof installation.

Once the area and cause of the leak have been identified, the roofer or homeowner can then determine how to take care of the problem. In this video, the presenter demonstrates the proper way to fix the leak. They showcase specifically how to get it done in a pinch to prevent more rain from entering in the short term.

Locating the leak early is vital, as it makes repairs much easier. Water can cause damage in a flash. It’s important that a homeowner either inspects the area or hires someone to do it as quickly as possible. 


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