What to Do About Your Rotted Fascia Boards

The fascia boards on your home or building are the pieces of wood trim installed at the roof edge to protect the soffit and structure from the elements. These boards often sustain damage due to direct contact with moisture. If you notice any deteriorated or rotted fascia boards, you can easily replace them with the guidance of this step-by-step video.

If you are handy and like DIY projects, you may be able to replace rotted fascia boards yourself. The video shows you how to remove the damaged board and the best way to cut and install a new one.

Video Source

It details the way to properly attach the board to the roof rafter tails.

You will see that this particular repair project required 2 people to install the new board, due to its length. You may be able to replace a shorter board by yourself. The video also recommends the proper tools needed. The presenter recommends sealing and painting the new fascia to form a watertight finish that protects the wood surface and the roof structure behind it. Whether you choose to replace a rotted fascia board yourself or to hire a carpenter to complete the job, this insightful tutorial explains what is entailed to properly tackle the project.


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